Training in Research And Clinical Trials in Integrative Oncology (TRACTION)

A CIHR Funded Health Research Training Initiative

The TRACTION program is designed to provide trainees at all levels (undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral) with a comprehensive, individualized training experience focussed on learning the essentials of research in psychosocial oncology, integrative oncology and behavioural clinical trials research.

Integrative Oncology is defined as an evidence-based sub-specialty that uses complementary therapies (such as mind-body therapies, energy therapies, natural health products, nutritional interventions and/or exercise) in concert with medical treatment to enhance its efficacy, improve symptom control, alleviate patient distress and reduce suffering.

Trainees will be accepted for one-year intervals and can re-apply each year that they are registered in a degree program. Each trainee will develop an individualized study program appropriate to their level of training based on a wide range of opportunities which could include salary support, fees for courses and training programs, conference expenses and travel funds.