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Post Doc

Post Doc

We are looking for a postdoc for our project focused on the transition from oncology care to family physician care during cancer survivorship. This project is funded by the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund, and this postdoc will be helping with several scoping/systematic reviews as well as participating in the regular team meetings of this large and productive team.

This project is an excellent opportunity to marry the goals of cancer survivorship and prevention to help create an effective intervention to be delivered in the primary care setting.

Here is the link:

In Alberta, survivorship care is increasingly becoming the responsibility of the family physicians who are expected to handle ongoing follow-up. This differs somewhat from the USA where it is more mixed.

We will be focusing on cancer survivorship from the chronic disease model and specifically on (1) what self-management support survivors may benefit from when offered through primary care networks; (2) what decision support family physicians may need to aid them and improve effectiveness in delivering survivorship care, and (3) what care coordination should look like in the context of primary care follow-up and surveillance. We will also touch on risk stratification, to help primary care networks to provide more effective services to higher risk groups.

This work will dovetail with a clinical engagement process of 5 primary care networks, including a M├ętis network, to discover their needs. There will also be a patient engagement process. It will lead to the piloting of an intervention delivered within the primary care networks and we want the pilot project to provide evidence potentially leading to a clinical trial.

We hope this sounds interesting and that you may know of someone looking for a postdoc to start this fall.

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